Ô Toulouse :
Redeyes (who is still active and respected to this day) was the first to establish the country’s reputation for innovative drum & bass with his breakthrough releases on key UK labels like Fabio’s Creative Source and Bingo Beats. It wasn’t just a sound he represented, either. It was his city: Toulouse.
“Toulouse is actually the place for drum & bass in France,” says Maxime Eimbee, a founder of the national drum & bass platform 
DNB France. Established in 2012 to bring the country’s disparate artists together and create a stronger community, DNB France launched an annual series in 2016 called French Plates as a way to showcase national talent.
“Toulouse is the home, for sure,” agrees Do Brasil. “They’re cool to each other. They give each other tips, they have the parties where they get inspired. It’s a community.”
Goulpié compares Toulouse to the UK city of Bristol: both have similar size populations, both seem to celebrate creativity over commerce, both have strong soundsystem cultures, and both are home to abnormal amounts of drum & bass talent. While Bristol’s nightclub map is sprawling, Toulouse is centred around one venue:
 Bikini, a famous club that acts as a hub for the city’s community. “The soundsystem in Bikini is just incredible,” says Monty, an artist on the label 1985. “It’s like you’re in the studio, but with 1200 other people. When you hear it on that system, it makes you want to hear more…as well as play it and make it.”


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